To the Congresspeople in Districts 13 and 15,  
as well as the State of New York:

You may not represent us, but you represented Deborah Danner, a mentally-ill woman.

And she was murdered by an agent of your state who took an oath to protect her.

Deborah can no longer speak up, so we will do it for her.

Listen up. Raise the issue in Congress. Do something about it.

Every Senator and House Representative has a publicly-available office telephone number. 

Voice Unsilenced is a Twitter bot designed to assist citizens exercise their right to political expression.

By including @voiceunsilenced in your tweet, the Twitter bot will call one of the following Congresspeople and read them your tweet with your name over the phone:

Representative Charles Rangel, District 13, New York
Representative José Serrano, District 15, New York
Senator Charles Schumer, New York
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, New York

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